Hi, my name’s Jen and I shoot people. I would say I was a MWAC (Mom With A Camera) but my children hate having their photographs taken so I have to get my fix from other people.

I have a lot of likes, I love live music, gigs and bands (most definitely not musicals), driving my little red car, people and I am incredibly lucky to be able to share my life with some amazing people. I’ve had an unrequited crush on Matt Damon since I was 19
years old and watched Good Will Hunting but I’m a total sucker for chick flicks – My Best Friend’s JenWedding anyone?

I love the simple things in life, hugs, smiles, birds singing, dandelions, the sunset,sand in my toes. I love it when my kids come over and give my a hug for no reason, I’m the kind of girl who smiles at strangers in the street and goes wheeling herself around the supermarket on the trolley.